Welcome to Non-Player Character! 

Welcome to Non-Player Character! NPC is a comic that revolves around the gaming lives of Lisa and her two blue cats Chloe and Bink. It’s part situational comedy, part geeky goodness, and a lot of bizarre feline fantasy. It updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

If you’re new to NPC, you can start with theĀ first strip and read the archives, or pick up now with theĀ latest strip.

Another good starting place is at the beginning of any of these favorite storylines:

Lisa gets a job
Computed Kittehs
The Horror
Romancing the STO
Jenny and Bill Beginnings
The Beginnings of Chloe and Bink Playing WoW

NPC started in February 2009 and the art has been evolving quickly. The accompanying blog covers NPC news, game reviews, and random geekery.

The Cast

LisaLisa is our slightly obsessive World-of-Warcraft-playing heroine. She plays a rogue, but is kind of terrible at playing any other class. She has a thing for comfortable red sweatshirts and cupcakes.

ChloeChloe is one of Lisa’s two blue cats. She enjoys long naps, musicals, sketching, and wearing Night Elf Druid jewelry. Her diary entries with accompanying sketches are posted weekly in a blog feature called NPChloe.

BinkBink is the male half of the two blue cats. He’s determined to bring justice to the suppressed felines of Azeroth, and swears that someday he will defeat the elusive Window Squirrel.

Together, the cats create a podcast known as the Two Blue Cats Cast, A World of Warcraft Podcast from two blue podcats. Because of their not-so-dexterous kitty paws, they must play their WoW account together, Bink at the keyboard, and Chloe at the mouse. They often provide Lisa with WoW-leveling and tutoring services, in exchange for tasty organ meats.

MikeMike is Lisa’s live-in boyfriend. He provides the Voice of Reason, but has been known to have a wicked streak.

JennyJenny is Lisa’s friend. She used to think playing games like World of Warcraft was horribly nerdy, until she met Bill. Lisa convinced Jenny that her only chance of romance was to start playing too. Jenny has since defected to STO.

BillBill is Jenny’s boytoyfriend. He’s a hardcore World of Warcraft player and thinks Jenny’s new interest in Star Trek Online is terribly sexy.

About the Creator (that’s me!)

I’m a geeky animator chick. I started NPC in Feb 2009 as a weekly gig, and since then have suffered a bout of work-aholic-inducing insanity that led me to make NPC three times a week. My animation gigs have included MTV’s DJ and the Fro, Disney’s Little Einsteins, and that wacky Richard Linklater film Waking Life. My dad, presently retired, was a career Air Force man, dooming me to a life of not knowing where to tell people I’m from. Short answer: The South and Germany. Miscellaneous trivia: I was born in Italy, stick to a vegan diet, and work mostly on a mac. I live in Brooklyn, NY with my boyfriend, John, and two cuddly monsters disguised as Siamese cats. No, the cats are not vegan.

My favorite games include WoW, Portal, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Civ 2, and Mass Effect 2. I also get a kick out of playing board games and D&D. Fave board games include Dominion, Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, and Small World.