Here are a few of my favorite tabletop gaming comics from the archives. Many of the tabletop gaming comics in NPC are parts of longer stories, so I just collected the ones that made the most sense on their own. Be sure to check out the archives for more!

A comic about a couple arguing over how many Magic the Gathering cards he has.

The Four Stages of Playing a New Board Game

A comic about an old woman playing Dungeons and Dragons.

This comic is from the Spooky D&D chapter, which you can start here.

A comic about playing the tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons.

This is from a story called Family D&D night, which you can start here.

A comic about tabletop gaming.

A comic about hosting tabletop game night.

This is from a story about Kendra learning to play Magic the Gathering, called Kendra’s Magical Adventure. You can start it here.

A comic in which a woman would rather play World of Warcraft than a board game with her boyfriend.

This comic begins a chapter called X-Wing Miniatures Gaming.

Check back at NPC Comic every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If the characters aren’t playing an MMORG, there’s a good chance they’re playing a tabletop game, like Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, or a fun new board game.

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