Two blue cats Chloe and Bink are true gamer cats. So don’t call them fake gamer cats! They’ll steal all your gold in World of Warcraft. And poop on you.

Here are some of my favorite gamer cat comics from the NPC archives.

A comic about gamer cats playing NES classic, Duck Hunt.

A comic about a cat taking an internet quiz.

A comic in which a woman kills a lizard inside a video game, and her cats lay on her head to get warm.

A comic about gamer cats who sit on an NES game system to get warm.

A comic about gamer cats discussing a World of Warcraft expansion

A comic about a gamer cat talking about what makes a successful youtube Let's Play star.

A comic about gamer cats saying people only like their youtube channel because they're a cat.

A comic about gamer cats pretending to be a caster in an MMORPG.

Check back at NPC Comic every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Gamer cats Chloe and Bink aren’t in every one, but they make frequent appearances.

My own cats are inspiration. While they don’t play video games, they’re great at playing with bits of cardboard, pieces of litter they track on the floor, and figuring out how to get treats out of puzzle balls.

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