I got caught up on the WoW panels at Blizzcon this week, and then Nintendo Direct happened yesterday along with the release of the Hearthstone adventure. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by exciting new video games, and I don’t even play Fallout 4!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
I hate that you get rewarded for doing boring things in an MMO.
Kendra: 2k xp after I kill HOW MANY slime spiders????
Panel 2:
Is this a game? Or a job?
NPC to Kendra: don't forget to fill out your time sheet before you log off.
Panel 3:
I guess the developers don't have enough time to make all the content fun.
Developer chained to a computer desk. "Game developer HQ" sign hangs in background. Todo list in cubicle: - make fun content. - sort through death threats
Panel 4:
I, of course, am the authority on what's fun in an MMO.
Kendra: Collecting pets!
Jin-ho: so lame.