Anyone out there actually have a Family D&D night? Or Family RPG night? Family game night?

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Mike: Remember our deal? For every night I play WoW with you, you play a tabletop game with me?
Lisa: I'm familiar, yes.
Panel 2:
Mike: We're playing D&D tonight!
Lisa: But you didn't play WoW with me this week!
Panel 3: Mike: Yes I did!
Lisa: Putting me on follow while you watch tv doesn't count! If I wanted a mindless pet I'd play a hunter.
Panel 4:
Mike (angry, getting red): Me, the mindless pet?! You watch tv while you play WoW all the time! If you can call button-mashing playing.
Panel 5:
Lisa and Mike are angry and staring at each other. They're both red.
Panel 6: The Family DnD Night sign has a new sign over it that says "Cancelled."