I spruced up Mike a bit. He was due for some sprucing up. I’ll post a screen capture of me drawing his slightly new face on Patreon soon.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
PooPal (to Mike): I heard about family D&D night! I'll bring pen, paper, and my imagination!
Panel 2:
Mike: That's great, PooPal! One of the beautiful things about role playing games is that you don't need many physical objects to play it.
Panel 3:
PooPal: I also got an assortment of pencils, 11 different kinds of notebooks, 3 weights of loose leaf paper, a bucket of dice, and a 3D printout of my character.
Panel 4:
Mike: But then, others find beauty in the material.
PooPal: A shipment of life-size terrain is coming in tomorrow. We might need to move some furniture.