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↓ Transcript
One Panel comic.
Gamers get on the online quiz band wagon
Chloe and Bink use a laptop. They're looking at a BuzzFeed-like site. We see all the quiz headlines:

Which Magic the Gathering Planeswalker Would You Play Settlers of Catan With?
sub: It could happen. Why not be prepared?

What Kind of Hearthstone Card Are You?
sub: Win a free card back for taking this quiz!

What Your Favorite World of Warcraft NPC Says About You
sub: Other than that you're a total nerd.

Which Dungeons and Dragons Monster Would You be Besties With?
sub: Hint: Don't pick Gelatinous Cube.

How Many Twenty-Sided Dice Should You Sleep With Under Your Pillow?
sub: Find out now or your character will die horribly.