↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Jack: I wanted to show you how smooth transitioning your game from Creeple Tower to Tudors in Space will be.
Mike: How kind!
Panel 2:
Jack: The premise of Creeple Tower is that player 1 tries to penetrate the tower with an army of creeples, while player 2 defends. Right?
Mike: I'm so honored you remember!
Panel 3:
Jack: We'll change it so player 1 in the role of a wife, tries to escape the tower of space London. And player 2, in the role of King Henry VIII, tries to cut player 1's head off with a precision laser axe.
Panel 4:
Jack: So see, it won't change at all!
Mike: Would you say the weapon die of a precision laser axe is a D10?