↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Mike: Lisa, you gotta try Hearthstone! It's such an elegant strategy game! A much better way to spend your time than mindlessly raiding in World of Warcraft.
Lisa: Hey! Killing a orc warchief over and over requires a certain degree of mental stamina!
Panel 2:
Mike: Look, just try it. It's even WoW themed. You can play as a rogue!
Lisa: I'm not interested. It would be a fleeting distraction from my rigorous raiding schedule.
Panel 3:
Lisa: Forget card games. Time to log in to WoW. (in front of World of Warcraft log in screen)
Panel 4:
In game. Dwarf innkeeper, to gnome in foreground: Sheathe your dagger, lass! Pull up a chair by the hearth!