↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Chloe (on top of PooPal): Poo, you gotta help. We need to fill our coffers, and I think Bink has the right idea with this hacking thing. Problem is, he's meowing up the wrong tree.
Panel 2:
Chloe: If we're going to get anywhere with this, it's up to me. I need to learn how to be a hacker.
PooPal: Chloe, you know I can't teach you how to act unethically.
Panel 3:
Chloe: Of course. But that's not what hacking is all about. I should start with the basics of programming. I want you to teach my Python.
PooPal: Oh! That I can do.
Panel 4:
PooPal: Beginning transmission.
Panel 5:
Panel 6: PooPal: Oh! So sorry. I forgot that carbon-based lifeforms don't have internal wireless transmission.
Chloe: I should think not!
Panel 7:
PooPal: Here's a thumb drive with everything you need to know.
Panel 8:
Chloe: What do I do with it?
PooPal: Insert it in your ear port.