Check out the rest of this Game of Thrones themed storyline – it starts here.

We saw Captain America Winter Soldier last night, and I really enjoyed it, even the cheesy parts, of which there were many. Didn’t so much enjoy the part where we left the movie and it was snowing.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Mike: Whatcha doin?
Lisa (with apron on, and stirring something in a bowl): Making lemon cakes for the next Game of Thrones viewing!
Panel 2:
Lisa: Lemon cakes are Sansa's favorite food, you know.
Mike: Are you using refined white sugar?
Panel 3:
Lisa: Sansa once dreamed of eating lemon cakes with Cersei and other noble ladies.
Mike: Westeros is based on 1400's England. They didn't separate out the molasses then.
Panel 4:
Lisa: Fine, I'll use brown sugar.
Mike: This flour wasn't hand milled.