I’m going to PAX East this weekend! I bookmarked some panels and will at least look at how long the line is to play Warlords of Draenor – possibly even stand in it! Any recommendations on what I should do?

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: The cats look on.
Bink: Ah, guests! Let's scope out the lap situation!
Panel 2: We see Kendra from bust down sitting on couch.
Bink (off panel): Kendra has cushiony thighs.
Panel 3: We see Patrick with a red nose sitting next to Kendra.
Bink (off panel): Patrick is allergic. That always makes for a good time.
Panel 4: We see Jenny.
Bink (off panel): Jenny is wearing yellow, the opposite of our blue hue. So our shedded hair will get maximum visibility.
Panel 5: CU on Bink with moist eyes
Bink: So many good options. How will we decide?
Panel 6: Wide on Patrick, Jenny, and Kendra on the couch. Bink lays on both Patrick and Kendra. Chloe cuddles up on Jenny's yellow shirt.