Today is the 5th anniversary of NPC Comic! And as a thanks and celebration, I’m giving everyone who becomes a patron on my Patreon page in the month of February a hand-drawn original sketch! Of course all existing patrons are getting one. If you’re not already a patron, you have 9 days to become one and get your sketch!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Bink: Time for another episode of Dance Cat!
We see Lisa's legs behind him. She's wearing bunny slippers.
Panel 2:
Bink: So last night after my second mid-evening nap, Chloe and I were questing in World of Warcraft, and we came upon a
* Ding ding! 5 second dance break! *
Panel 3:
Lisa bends down to see what Bink is up to. He's dancing.
Panel 4:
Lisa: What are you...
Bink: (to camera) It's a surprise visit from Lisa! And her... Uh... Rabbits!