↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Chloe and Bink sit in front of a computer, playing WoW. Chloe wears her Downton Abbey hat.
Bink: You can't wear that while we play! Downton Abbey and World of Warcraft don't mix!
Chloe: Sure they do!
Panel 2:
Bink: Oh yeah? Is there magic in Downton Abbey?
Chloe: (teary eyes) There was in the love between Mary and Matthew!
Panel 3:
Bink: Ok, ok. But there aren't monsters.
Chloe: Clearly you haven't been watching the latest season.
Panel 4:
Bink: War?
Chloe: Try World War I!
Panel 5:
Bink: Obviously I'll have to watch it. Just to verify.
Chloe: Obviously.