This was very fun to write. And repeat to my own cats, who don’t seem to understand that rhyming is fun.
If you say “pop,” please raise your hand.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
We see the exterior of a snowed upon brownstone.
Narrator: "Twas six nights before Christmas, when all through the flat, not a creature was sleeping, not even a cat.
Panel 2:
We see a tv with stockings hung on it.
Narrator: The stockings were hung by the tv with care, for the Amazon packages soon would be there.
Panel 3:
We see Chloe and Bink playing WoW on a laptop (cat top.)
Narrator: The kites were nestled all snug playing WoW, while visions of epic loot made them meow.
Panel 4:
Lisa and Mike are seated, playing a board game.
Narrator: And Lisa with we cocoa, and I with my pop, had just settled in for some fun tabletop.