I wonder if making an add-on like this is actually possible?

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Chloe: Whatcha doin'?
Lisa: ’m writing an add-on for WoW. Sometimes real life gets in the way while raiding, and we don’t have time to type a message to let the party know we’ve been detained. My add-on solves that.

Panel 2:
Bink is about to land on Lisa's head.
Lisa: It uses a hacked kinect to register when the player has left or been distracted by something new coming into view. Then it sends a message to the raid party.

Panel 3:
Bink is on Lisa's head. She flails around. Chloe doesn't notice as she faces the other way.
Chloe: That seems helpful for people with young kids. But I don’t see how this will be useful in YOUR life.

Panel 4:
Lisa falls over. We see her feet fly up.
Chloe: It’s pretty selfless of you to make something you'll clearly never benefit from.