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↓ Transcript
New Character Models and You!
(A guide by and for World of Warcraft characters)
Panel 1:
An orc looks down at his body.
Narrator: It'll be one day soon. Like a 12-year-old girl's period, it'll come. Expected, but surprising nonetheless. Your new body.
Panel 2:
A dwarf strokes his beard.
Narrator: Don't be alarmed. It's natural. You'll look the same, but...enhanced.
Panel 3:
A gnome sniffs her armpit.
You'll notice new textures and polygons, and with them may come new smells.
You may have to up your bathing schedule.
Panel 4:
The orc, dwarf, and gnome jump for joy.
In time you'll learn to love your new body,
And who knows? Maybe you'll get an even better one in another 8 or 9 years.