You can follow me on twitter. I promise I don’t yet spend TOO much time on it.

↓ Transcript
3 Signs You Spend Too Much Time on Twitter
Panel 1:
You've gotten so good at skimming that you can easily avoid reading spoilers of your favorite shows.
We see a twitter stream.
First tweet, by @GRRMFan092, says "I loved it when Tyrion" (and the rest is blurred out. "Tyrion" is highlighted with a SPOILER ALERT! bubble.
The second tweet, by @Jesse Pinkman, says "Breaking Bad is over. What am I supposed to do."
Panel 2:
You have a google doc where you compose what you're sure will be winning tweets.
We see a spreadsheet called Tweets to be tweeted
First tweet: 140 characters might not seem like much, but it's still more than Game of Thrones.
Second tweet: My cats, you guys. They are the craziest.
Third tweet: Just another day, working hard, hardly working.
Panel 3:
You've expanded your twitter time to outside the bathroom.
Lisa: Did you know that 89% of tweets are composed on the toilet?
Mike: I don't want to know how that was researched.