That wraps up this storyline! It started here in case you missed it.
You can watch me draw this comic in 1 minute here.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Bink: PooPal, can you time travel, too?
PooPal: Only two zeptoseconds forward or back.
Panel 2:
Poopal: There. I just went two zeptoseconds into the future.
Bink: Shouldn't you have disappeared from our timeline?
Panel 3:
PooPal: Zeptoseconds are so short, they are imperceptible.
Bink: But aren't you ripping some kind of space-time hole?
Panel 4:
PooPal: Possibly. Does Justin Bieber exist?
Bink: Never heard of him.
PooPal: Oops.