Also handy for when you really gotta make comics. Don’t judge me.

↓ Transcript
Narrator: Does this happen to you?
Panel 1:
Lisa: I'm home! World of Warcraft time!
Panel 2:
Bink and Chloe: She's home! Cuddle time!
Panel 3:
Lisa tries to play while the cats smother her with cuddles.
Narrator: There are two solutions.
Panel 4:
Narrator: 1) The lock out.
Chloe and Bink are outside of a slammed door. They have the sads.
Bink: She hates us.
Panel 5:
Narrator: 2) The baby sling hands-free cuddle.
Lisa plays WoW untroubled while Chloe and Bink cuddle her in slings attached to her.