Have any of you played this X-Wing Miniatures game?
This storyline starts here.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
An X-Wing and a Tie Fighter, in space.
Lisa from inside X-Wing: Ok. I go here. Is that right?
Mika from inside Tie Fighter: Actually, you'd be over there.
Panel 2:
We see them inside their ships. Dressed in uniform.
Lisa: Oh, I see. Ok.
Mike: And I'll swing around to here.
Panel 3:
Lisa from inside X-Wing: Now I'll fire.
Mike: You missed.
Panel 4:
We see them in normal dress in front of the board game.
Lisa: This is a lot slower than I imagined a real dogfight to be.
Mike: Well, you're not REALLY Wedge Antilles.