Did any of you get Animal Crossing: A New Leaf for 3DS? I had skipped the Wii one, but couldn’t resist getting it for my fancy pink 3DS XL.

↓ Transcript
Panel : Lisa at her computer.
Panel 2: We see she's playing WoW. She's the gnome rogue, experiencing last week's comic, in which the NPC she escorts disappears before her eyes.
Panel 3: Gnoe rogue sad.
Panel 4: Lisa stands up.
Panel 5: Lisa exits room. Chloe and Bink see her.
Panel 6: Chloe: What's wrong with her?
Panel 7: Bink: Nothing some cuddling won't fix.
Panel 8: Bink and Chloe launch into the air.
Panel 9: Chloe and Bink are wrapped around Lisa now.
Chloe: What's wrong, Lisa?
Panel 10: Lisa: I just don't see the point anymore.
Panel 11: Chloe and Bink look at each other, worried.
Panel 12: Lisa:...of playing World of Warcraft.
Panel 13: They're on the couch now.
Panel 14: Lisa: It's the same old grind, over and over. No challenge.
Panel 15: Lisa: Sometimes I just wander through town, talking to NPC's who aren't real.
Panel 16: Chloe hands her the Nintendo 3DS. Chloe: The new Animal Crossing will make you feel better.
Lisa: (cries out) They're not real!