↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
It's dark. Lisa and Mike are in bed. Lisa is sitting up and Mike is laying down.
Lisa: (pointing to thing on her wrist) I'm gonna try this fitness tracker tonight. Not only does it measure my steps during the day - it also tracks how well I sleep!
Panel 2:
Lisa: I just put it in sleep mode, and it tracks how still I am. If I don't move all night, then I should have gotten a good eight hours of sleep!
Mike (eyes closed): Mmkay. G'night.
Panel 3: Lisa thinks to herself: I'm thirsty. I have to pee. But surely I'll fall asleep soon... My nose itches. But don't move!
Panel 4: It's morning!
Mike: (stretching) Rise and shine! How'd you do?
Lisa: (looking at her wrist, eyes bloodshot) Eight hours.