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This storyline started here.
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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Bink: In times of distress I want to play WoW the most!
But I'm in distress because Chloe and I are fighting, and my kitty paws aren't articulate enough to play well without her!
Panel 2:
Bink: Well I could at least log on...
Um where's the gear?!?
The gold?
The useless RP items?
Valuable crafting materials?
The *sob* turnip punching bag?
Panel 3:
Bink: Somebody cleaned us out! The only thing here is one piece of mail! Let's see what it says.
Panel 4:
Bink: (reading letter) "Hey Bink, I deleted all our stuff. - Chloe. PS - You're fat."