Aren’t there other names for this game? Greedy Santa or something like that?

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
In a Yankee Swap, participants each buy a gift, wrap it, and place it in the pile.
We see a pile of gifts.
Panel 2:
Then the first player takes a gift, unwraps it, and decides if they want to keep it, or gamble and exchange it for a different wrapped present.
Chloe unwraps a present.
Chloe: Oh, how lovely. A bit of yarn.
Fitzgerald: That's from me!
Panel 3:
The next player can then choose to take the first player's gift, or take a new one from the pile.
Bink: Gimme that gryphon plushie!
Mike: Don't take George! We only just met! (he clutches his gryphon plushie)
Panel 4:
It's a good idea to set price limits on the gifts.
Lisa: A retina display Macbook Pro?
Bink: The rest of you are a bunch of cheapskates!
Chloe: They don't gold farm.