For those of you newer to the comic, you can catch up on what PooPal is all about here.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Chloe types on a laptop as she observes PooPal.
Chloe (in typing):
Our robot friend is trying hard
To be like us, to be a cat.
But is it really in the cards
For him to wear the feline hat?
Panel 2: (We see PooPal in a blue fur coat)
For all the day and all long night,
He tries to nap, he tries to purr.
He tries to hunt and claw and fight.
He sews himself a coat of fur.
Panel 3: (Chloe is inside PooPal, smiling.)
I see him try, so full of litter.
He forgets his value as a loo.
It's so nice that any critter
Can get inside and take a poo.