John and I were traveling in Europe recently, and Plague Inc. was our go-to game while waiting for planes and trains. At one point I was worried what it must sound like when we were talking about our strategies for killing off the world’s population.
If you haven’t heard about it, Plague Inc is a fun little simulation game you can get for iOS and Android. Good times.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: CU of Lisa.
Lisa: So I'm infecting India with a virus, but it's mutating too quickly.
Panel 2: CU Mike
Mike: I was hard to get Greenland, but I've finally infected the whole world with my fungus!
Panel 3: CU Lisa, who has some snot coming out of her nose.
Lisa: Total organ failure! Sixty-three percent of the world is dead, and they're so far from a cure!
Panel 4:
Wide on Lisa and Mike standing by security in an airport. They have backpacks on and are holding their smart phones.
Mike: Maybe we shouldn't talk about this plague simulation game at the airport.
Lisa (wiping her nose): Do you have a tissue?