How many arms have people lost due to faulty blood pressure machines? Too many, I say. Too many.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Lisa is at a doctor's office. A nurse is putting a blood pressure monitor on her.
Nurse: Let's just get your blood pressure...
Panel 2: Close up of the blood pressure band on her arm. It squeezes.
Panel 3: POP! The panel border is bubbly.
Panel 4: Lisa's arm pops off! The panel border is bubbly.
Panel 5: Back to normal panel border. Lisa's daydream pops. She's still hooked up to the machine.
Panel 6: Nurse: Oh oops, looks like this machine is faulty. Let's just -
Lisa: I KNEW IT!
Panel 7: Lisa dashes off.
Nurse: 180 over 90. (taking notes)