This strip reminds me of the time Bink went full Death Knight.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Chloe on the Statue of Liberty.
Chloe: I don't think I'm cut out for living alone in the sky.
Panel 2: CU Chloe.
Chloe: Time to go home.
Panel 3:
Chloe: (looking at beads) I don't have these druid beads for nothing! I lost my flight form along with the wings, but I bet I can still tap into some druid abilities.
Panel 4:
Chloe leaps down from statue's arm. FELINE GRACE!
Panel 5: Chloe swims through the East River. AQUATIC FORM!
Panel 6: Chloe sneaks through the steets of Brooklyn. PROWL!
Panel 7: Chloe makes it home. Lisa, Mike, and Bink are looking out the window, happy to see her.