Hey iPad owners, have you played The Room? It’s a great-looking game that has you solving puzzles to get into a beautiful and complex box. The developers of the short game hint that they’ll update it with more content…I hope they do! I played it on a recent train trip after I saw Lady of Leet Kim Price tweet about it. The game has an eerie quality. So when I looked up from my glowing screen in the dark train to see another train passenger playing the same section I was on, I just about yelped. 😀

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Chloe soars through the skies with her new wings.
Chloe: Flying glorious! I could fly all day!
Panel 2:
Chloe: I'm unstoppable! I own the skies!
Panel 3: She pauses mid-air, seeing something below.
Panel 4: Chloe naps on the torch of the Statue of Liberty as the sun shines down on it.
Chloe: Zzzzz....