I had a lovely nerdy time this past Saturday, meeting up with WoW guildies at The Way Station, a bar with some light steampunk touches and a TARDIS bathroom. Then we played Magic: The Gathering and practiced drafting. I’m still enjoying learning Magic. I probably prefer other table top games, like Dominion, but Magic has been more fun than I anticipated. I guess I know how to play at this point, but I’ll probably feel like I’m “learning” it for a long time simply because there will always be so many cards to know about.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Chloe looks at the computer.
Chloe: Bink, our funds are running low.
Panel 2:
Bink: (holding a martini) What?!? Preposterous!
Panel 3
Computer behind Chloe shows Steam Summer Sale, with a subtotal of $6,799.
Chloe: I know, I don't get it. We buy everything on sale!
Panel 4:
Reveal a stack of Macbook Pros and iPads behind them
Bink: We're very financially responsible. Somebody must be stealing from us.
Chloe nods.