Here’s the beginning of The Pink Wars.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Bink and Chloe and Mr. Pink hang suspended from a rope trap.
Panel 2: CU of Bink cutting the rope with his claws.
Panel 3: CU or Chloe cutting the rope with her claws. Not the iOS game. The actual rope! They cut it!
Panel 4: Chloe and Bink sit on the floor with Mr. Pink between them. They look at each other.
Panel 5: They slowly walk away from each other and Mr. Pink, eyes still toward each other.
Panel 6: We just see their tails as they leave panel.
Panel 7: Their tails go out of view.
Panel 8: Chloe and Bink both leap in toward Mr. Pink!
Panel 9: FWUMPH A pile of Mr. Pinks rains down from above and buries them.