I’m learning Magic the Gathering this summer. My boyfriend John recently got back into it, and we played a couple rounds and my interest is piqued! Plus he got us tickets to play draft with writer Brandon Sanderson at Gen Con! Anyway, I’m excited about it, and figure some of you might play or have played Magic, so I thought I’d share.
Here’s the storyline start. And this wraps it for the time being.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Lisa: How's the demo go today?
Mike: Well, some of them kinda didn't like it.
Panel 2:
Mike: But this one guy did.
And he posted about it on this really popular site!
And now there's interest!
People are wondering when they can buy it!
Panel 3:
Chloe, Bink, Lisa, in unison: HOORAY!
Chloe: I'll run the social media campaign!
Bink: I'll get Creeple Tower product placement in every cat video on the internet!
Lisa: I'll make the Kickstarter!
Panel 4:
Mike: Sigh...
Panel 5:
Mike: Can we just play?