Here’s the storyline start!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Mike is at the game store.
Mike: Hi! I'm here to demo my game, Creeple Tower!
Game Store Owner: Right! You can pull the Tower around front.
Panel 2:
Mike: Oh I have the tower right here. (pointing to box he's holding)
Game Store Owner: You mean there's no life size stone fortress to promote my store front?
Panel 3:
Mike: 'Fraid not.
Game Store Owner: Susie! Bring out the brigade! It's gonna be another slow one!
Panel 4: Friendly Deodorized Game Store
There's a guy in armor and two sheep.
Sheep one sign: Catan Half off!
Sheep two sign: Sheep for wood
Knighted guy sign: Dice! We got 'em!
From in store, the Game Store Owner: It's all about promotion, kid!