This question doesn’t seem as daunting with Diablo 3 just out right now.

↓ Transcript
Title at top: What if World of Warcraft Never Existed?
Panel 1:
Newscaster: Another youth dropped dead after playing Farmville: The MMO for 83 hours straight.
Newsticker at bottom: Breaking: Zynga most profitable company...
Panel 2:
Chris Metzen would have a busy voice-acting career.
Chris Metzen at mic, with Spike the dragon on his t-shirt: Cheer up, Twilight! There's a party in Ponyville tonight!
Panel 3:
Vitamin D deficiencies would be down in certain segments of the population.
Lisa, Mike, Chloe, and Bink are all outside in the park, LARPing. There's a LARP Free Play sign in the background.
Lisa: Lighting stab!
Mike: Heal wounds!
Bink: Fiery hairball!
Chloe: Litter spawn!