Completely unrelated to this comic, I would love to let you know that I worked on this great music video for the Primus song Lee Van Cleef! I had a great time working on it, with some really talented people. Chris Lenox Smith directed it – he’s one of the heads of Mixtape Club, where I’ve been working lately.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Chloe: PooPal, I invented a game! It's called whack-a-roach.
PooPal watches.
Panel 2:
Chloe: First I leave out bits of food trash and wait a few hours.
Panel 3: They wait.
Panel 4:
A roach shows up!
Chloe: Then a roach shows up!
Panel 5: WHACK!
Panel 6:
The roach struggles upside down.
PooPal: Now what?
Chloe: Now we watch it struggle upside down.
Panel 7:
Chloe and PooPal watch.
Panel 8:
Chloe walks away. Now we lose interest and play WoW.
Panel 9:
Chloe is gone.
PooPal: The feline psyche continues to baffle me.
Roach: Pass me the crumb, would ya?