Here are the sketches from this comic! I posted them yesterday, as I usually do the day before each strip, a different one for each social network:Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Bink stands facing his butt in front of an array of tablet devices.
Bink: I've rated the following devices based on their temperature using my internal feline butt receptors.
Panel 2:
He gestures to the iPad. A sign indicates "Winner! 3rd Gen iPad."
Bink: I've determined that as processing power increases, so does heat.
Panel 3: Close up on Bink cheering.
Bink: Technology and progress triumph!
Panel 4:
Bink is still in cheering position, but looks to the right as something shiny and steamy approaches.
Panel 5:
Chloe sits on top of a shiny steamy contraption.
Bink: What's that?
Chloe: A steam-powered calculator. Circa 1873.
Panel 6:
Bink now sits atop the steamy shiny calculator with Chloe.
Bink: Old crap gets toasty too.
Chloe: I think it just melted the iPad.