↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Jenny and Lisa and Kendra at the bar.
Jenny (with her phone): Eep! Greg is following me on Twitter!
Lisa: Who's -
Kendra: Greg is her latest crush.
Panel 2:
Jenny: Quick! I need to tweet something clever now that he's following me!
You know, something to convey that I'm fun-loving, but down-to-earth.
Panel 3:
Jenny: That I love to party, also enjoy a night of World of Warcraft. That I'm cute and bubbly but sharp as a tack.
Panel 4:
Lisa: "Panda party, my place. Furries welcome. #Warcraft #Pandaren"
Kendra: "All Your Tweets Are Belong To Us. #Datedmemes"
Jenny: I'll just link to a funny cat video.