↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Chloe (looking tired): We dropped feline liberation flyers everywhere! I'm pooped.
Bink: Naptime!
Panel 2: Chloe and Bink nap.
Panel 3: Bink opens one eye, looking at Chloe.
Panel 4: Chloe naps and Bink scoots off.
Panel 5: Bink comes back with a laptop he pushes towards Chloe.
Panel 6: Bink places Chloe's paw on a mouse. A computer mouse. Not a mouse mouse.
Panel 7:
Bink and Chloe are in position to play WoW. Chloe's paw is on the mouse, but her eyes are still closed and she's still napping.
Bink: If I didn't train Chloe to sleep-WoW we'd never get enough game time in!