I think the only way I could play WoW on a treadmill without being lazy and stopping is if it actually powered the computer.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Narrator: So you've decided you need to introduce more activity into your gaming-heavy lifestyle.
Lisa is at the computer. She has blood shot eyes, bad posture, and weak muscles.
Panel 2:
Narrator: Try gaming on a treadmill!
Lisa is straddling a treadmill while she plays in front of a computer. Chloe runs on it behind her.
Lisa: Just a quick break. Until the end of this raid wing. and the next.
Panel 3:
Narrator: How about a wristband that tracks your activity level?
Lisa plays in front of the computer while waving her hand around. Her wristband says: *Ding* You reached your daily motion quota!
Panel 4:
Narrator: You could always try taking a break and going outside.
Lisa and Mike walk outside in the sun.Lisa is covered up in sunglasses and a hat and a long sleeve shirt.
Lisa: I don't trust this "Vitamin D."