Some days my creaky old hands can only handle work and comics, and they give out before the video games.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Narrator: You work on a computer all day! At the end of it you want to blow off some steam in World of Warcraft!
Lisa (bent over, stiff): Yeah!
Panel 2:
Narrator: Who cares that your body isn't optimized for sitting in front of a computers sixteen hours a day!
Lisa (her left hand is being bitten by Bink): My left hand is numb. (Indicates she has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
Panel 3:
Narrator: Nothing some top-of-the-line ergonomic equipment can't fix!
Lisa: (hunched over in front of the computer, in the glow of the screen, squinting her eyes) Is thirty too young to need reading glasses?
Panel 4:
Narrator: Congratulations! You slayed Deathwing and saved Azeroth.
Lisa: I can't straighten my elbow.