I’ve been totally charmed by Felicia Day’s The Flog show, especially her fave five!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Lisa gets on the subway, blowing her nose. "Stand clear of the closing doors please."
Panel 2: Lisa sits down.
Panel 3: Lisa sits there.
Panel 4: Close up of Lisa's eyes as she looks down.
Panel 5: It's a tissue!
Panel 6: Lisa remembers when she blew her nose earlier with a tissue.
Panel 7: Lisa ponders to herself: There's one in my pocket...is that the one I was using? I should pick it up if it's mine...
Panel 8: Her hand reaches down to grab it. It's got germs! To herself: But it might...not...be...mine...
Panel 9: She sits there, staring at the tissue.
Panel 9: