↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Lisa and Mike are on the couch.
Lisa: I don't know about pandas in World of Warcraft.
Panel 2:
Lisa: I don't like the cute-but-deadly combination. It's just too silly.
Chloe and Bink overhear from the foreground.
Panel 3: Close on Bink and Chloe.
Bink: Chloe, this might be it. Our number is up. The humans grow weary of our trademark cuddly killer feline style.
Chloe: What should we do?
Panel 4:
The cats are perched atop Lisa and Mike's heads. They're scraggly-looking.
Bink: It's the new us! Completely harmless scragglepusses.
Chloe: Human love isn't worth a ride in the dryer.