My boyfriend John and I actually did manage to learn and play Mansions of Madness one evening and it was great. I recommend it! Just…don’t start too late.

↓ Transcript
Above the strip: The Four Stages of Playing a New Board Game
Panel 1: Stage 1: 9:00pm. Enthusiasm!
Mike gets out Mansions of Madness. Lisa and he are excited to play it!
Panel 2: Stage 2: 9:07pm. Clear the table!
Lisa and Mike hurriedly clear the table. The cats help. Bink sweeps forks away and Chloe licks a knife.
Panel 3: Stage 3: 9:43pm. Read the Rules!
The cats perch on their heads while Mike reads the rules.
Panel 4: Stage 4: 11:52pm. Resolve to start earlier next time.
Lisa falls forward on the table, asleep, Bink still on her head. Mike continues reading, but looks tired. Chloe dozes.