Dear people I’m playing Draw Something with: Sorry I’m behind! I hope this strip doesn’t make it seem like I don’t like the game. I love it! And I’m not as competitive as Lisa. 🙂

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: How to Win at Draw Something:
Lisa: Ooh, tips?
Panel 2: Doing an image search for the word you're going to draw can help you identify the iconic visual elements.
Lisa: Draw Tebow on one knee. Got it.
Panel 3: If you're stumped on a word, try pressing the shuffle button a few times. The word might appear in front of you!
Lisa: Skruk? Rarfk?
Panel 4: You are now equipped to win the game of Draw Something!
Lisa: But there's no objective! It just keeps going! Back and forth! How do I winnnnnn????