As I said on Google+, Happy Mass Effect 3 week! Someday I’ll finish Mass Effect 2. And Portal 2. And get past level 25 in SWTOR, and do LFR in WoW, and play Reckoning, and build my dream fortress in Minecraft. And then…THEN! I’ll play Mass Effect 3.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Chloe is dressed as a jawa and handing out flyers.
Chloe: All your gold-buying needs right here! Take a flyer!
Panel 2: Bink the ewok approaches.
Bink: How's this going?
Chloe: The crowd is very receptive! A guy dressed as Thrall dumped Red Bull on me. Is that an orc thing?
Panel 3: Someone approaches the cats. We just see their legs, Muppet Babies Nanny style.
Legs: Aw, are you wittle kiddies lost?
Panel 4:
The cats are now in the Lost and Found, along with other kids. A baby hugs Bink's head and a little boy dressed like Mario stares dumbly. The cats look annoyed.