Hey, did you see? There’s a poll about cosplay.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Bink (dressed as an ewok) and Chloe (dressed as a jawa) are standing on Lisa (dressed as Jaina Proudmoore) and Mike (dressed as Link.)
Lisa: Why did you come here? This is no place for cats!
Bink: We have urgent business to attend to.
Panel 2:
Mike: Speaking of business, what if you have to pee? Ae you going to use the human bathroom? (we see the bathroom signs behind him.)
Panel 3:
Chloe (making a gross-out face): Blech!
Bink (looking at imaginary watch): Don't be ridiculous. Our hygenic waste solution should be arriving in 3...2...1...
Panel 4: PooPal arrives, hovering via his copter attachment.
Bink: Ah! Here he is.
Chloe: PooPal!
PooPal: Will the people wearing cat ears also be requiring my services?
A cat-eared person walks in the foreground, looking back at PooPal.