Did you hear? There are buttons for sale!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Lisa (dressed as Jaina Proudmoore) and Mike (dressed as Link) arrive at the convention.
Mike: My bag is so heavy! What did I put in it???
Lisa: Mine too. We'll find out in a sec at the security check.
Panel 2:
Lisa and Mike place their bags on the security table.
Panel 3:
Bink and Chloe bound out. Bink is dressed as an ewok and Chloe as a jawa.
Bink: Operation stowaway successful!
Chloe: Utini!
Panel 4:
Lisa and Mike are in the background, looking annoyed at the cats on their heads.
The security guards are in the foreground, looking back at them.
Security guard 1: They packed their own children in bags! And dressed them up!
Security guard 2: Geeks, man. They're messed up.