If you ever have a craving for cartoons of office cats and food stuffs and beautifully rendered comic heroes, check out the site of my talented buddy Brendan Tobin. And get your Modoks ready. March Modok Madness starts soon!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Close up of Lisa.
Lisa: It's nice having a gaming con in our home city. Don't have to fly or get a hotel. Just take the subway.
Panel 2:
Close up of Mike.
Mike: Yeah. And it's cool to see our own town overrun by geeks like us.
Panel 3:
Close up of Lisa:
Lisa: Yeah. Totally.
Panel 4:
Wide of the subway, revealing that Lisa is dressed like Jaina Proudmoore and Mike and is dressed like Link from Legend of Zelda. No one else is dressed up and they're staring at Lisa and Mike.
Lisa (looking around uncertainly): Completely overrun...