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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Bink is on his back, holding his big belly.
Bink: Augh. I ate too many freeze-dried mouse tails.
Panel 2:
Bink: I need relief. But I won't poo for hours. And barfing is gross. I need a little valve. A belly valve.
Panel 3:
A valve appears on his belly!
Bink: Ah! There we go.
Panel 4: Bink goes to open the valve.
Chloe: Don't! Partially digested mouse tails will come out!
Panel 5:
Bink: Nonsense. It's just air.
Panel 6:
Bink goes to turn the valve. Chloe covers her head with her paws.
Panel 7:
The valve is opened and flowery fumes come out.
Bink: Smells like petunias.
Chloe: You have the weirdest cat dreams.